Sunday, July 19, 2009

my heart is growing with love and lust for leiden. on the other hand, i have become quite comfortable in time and space as it passes and changes. this is somewhere i have rarely been since my depression set in. the only way to keep my engines running was to convince myself that things will get better when _______ and even better when _______.
it's weird, but i enter a euphoric state when i am feeling any sense of artwork in my life. whether i'm making it, observing it, finding it in nature, or being overwhelmed by the juxtaposition of two colors on my bathroom wall... i feel it.
life is good at home. simple, relaxing, fun. my friends are a blast and i feel like i'm coming to find way more peace with the idea of peace, and quiet.

running is my refuge. i grow more and more addicted each day. the feeling of reaching my goal and then pushing it even further, near the point of collapse, feeling on the verge of vomitting... it sounds terrible, but it's addictive. must be the endorphins.
i'm growing my hair out. i want it to look like this:
oh yes yes, plus my hair is nearly the same colour and wavy/curly like that. probz will take another year. also, this girl is gorge. love it.

i've never been so busy during a summer. it's cray-cray. at least, i've found time to read. i'm currently reading the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay and it's amazing. i would recommend it to anyone, boy or girl. it's about a young jewish man who learns escapist techniques from a famous european musician and manages to sneak his way out of prague during world war ii via lithuania and japan, finding himself in new york city with his cousin's family. he and his cousing start up a comic book company under empire comics, while kavalier tries to use his money to get the rest of his family out of europe. he has an internal conflict of guilt dealing with the fact that he is opened to so many new and exciting experiences in new york, but feeling as though he should not be allowed to enjoy them because of the suffering his family is still going through on the other side of the ocean.

also, i saw vicky cristina barcelona and highly recommend it to ANYONE. it's life-altering. one of my favorite movies now. and the male lead is soooo sexalicious.

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  1. 1) i am the queen of running away, it's kind of getting out of hand

    2) yes yes yes vicky cristina barcelona :)

    3) i wish i could be at peace with the idea of peace and quiet ;(


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