Monday, April 21, 2014

easter sunday bliss & a balcony.

So, I hosted my first family gathering in my apartment. I must admit, it was such a wonderful and rewarding process; I hope I have the opportunity to host more in the future! Easter was small this year. It was immediate family and my grandmother squeeze in my tiny living room, but the balcony doors were open and the fresh Spring air kept us feeling open.

My mother was kind enough to bring these delicious apples with granola crumble on top and some sort of cinnamon sauce inside. I made a spinach and mozzarella quiche, which was still in the oven when these photos were taken. I also grabbed some beautiful treats from Crisan Bakery, wrapped up for me by my beautiful friend Kater.

We rounded the afternoon off with a walk in the park. My grandmother loves reminiscing about the years of her youth spent living in the city.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Day (or their Passover or their Sunday)!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

montreal and a roll of 35 mm film from my holga.

I found myself up in montreal again this past monday. I left work earlier to rush up there to meet one of my best friends from college, Jill. I had bought tickets to go see one of my favorite bands perform - Okkervil River. On the way up, I listened to their music the whole way. We grabbed a quick couple of drinks at Dieu du Ciel and headed over to La Salla Rosa for the concert.
The show was so much more than I could have imagined. Will Sheff's voice is the most imperfect perfection. In some interview He writes the best lyrics I've ever heard. Will Sheff did an acoustic, solo version of "A Stone" and I know it's corny, but I started to tear up from the rawness. In an interview I once saw, he explained how writing songs expresses a feeling and/or thoughts in a way that can't simply be expressed in words, otherwise music may not exist. I completely agree with this concept and I think it relates to all art forms - visual arts, cinema, music, etc. I'm going to add some really good live performances by Okkervil River at the end of the post, if anyone is interested.
Jill was kind enough to let me stay that night with her and her boyfriend in their beautiful apartment in Notre Dame de Grâce.

I woke up at my leisure and ventured out to make the most of a day in Montreal. Walking down the streets there, my heart feels like it opens up a bit. I don't really know how to explain it other than that... It's like I can breathe into my heart.

My favorite café in the world, Café Vero, has officially been graffiti-ed (as seen below). Not sure how I feel about rainbow kitty...

Every nook and cranny of Montreal holds so much to explore. There is not one street that does not have its own unique character.
Some photos from the drive home...

Okkervil River:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

march '14 mixtape.

I find myself never on here anymore. Grad school, work, and life in general have consumed my time. One day, I will be a good blogger again.
A lot of these songs remind me of waking up... Not waking up on a day where you've just gotten a bit too little sleep, but rather a day where you awake refreshed and you have no obligations to anyone but yourself. What I wouldn't give for a day like that right now..

Until We Get There - Lucius
Lily - Ben Gibbard
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Fleet Foxes
And Still We Move - Sera Cahoone
Towards the Sun - Alexi Murdoch
I'm in Here (Piano Vocal Version) - Sia
Are You Listening - Kopecky Family Band
The Funeral - Band of Horses
Better than Worse - Final Fantasy
Happy Spring, everyone!

Monday, November 4, 2013

à montreal.

the end of october found me bustling up I-87 towards montreal. i met up with one of my best friends, jill. she has recently moved to montreal, so i should have more excuses to head up north!

i decided it was about time i shot some film, so i grabbed my step-father's old manual camera from the '70s. i love the thought that goes into shooting a roll of film. you know you only have so many exposures, so you really think out each shot.
once i arrived, jill and i headed to santropol, one of my favorite casual restaurants when i lived up there.

afterwards, we went to café névé for some coffee and to split one their delicious chocolate chip cookies.

and admittedly, we went back to café névé the next morning... only this time, we shared a zucchini muffin.

fuchsia is a beautiful little store/cafe that i had heard about here and there during undergrad. they serve food, but only have enough seating for about 5-10 people. it is such a warm and beautiful little shop and they sell specialty items, like tea and infused sugars. they also serve espresso drinks. next time i go, i want to try their lavender (!) latte.
i ended up leaving with rose green tea and a rose oatmeal "biscuits en pot" (ingredients for cookies in a jar - you just add the butter and egg!).

thanks for reading!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

larkfest in iphone photos.

Yesterday was Larkfest. I hadn't been since high school (~6 years ago) and I was excited to experience the action again. Now that I live smack in the middle of Center Square, I've developed a new and different appreciation for the festivals that go on around here. In many ways, I now feel like I am a part of the Center Square community and I delight in seeing the community come alive.

I started the morning off with a delicious drip coffee and chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat) from Caffe Vero. My journey to Vero was a long one, as I stopped and peeked at many of the local vendors who had set up booths at the festival.

It was a beautiful day for Larkfest. It was sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze. Unfortunately for the vendors, it was sometimes so breezy that they had to hold on to their merch. Fortunately for the rest of us, this breeze meant a fresh air while crammed along the street among hundreds of people.

I like to see the life that festivals pull out of people. There were so many people dancing. Strangers dancing amongst each other because the weather was perfect, the DJ was spinning, and it probably just felt good.

I couldn't help but treat myself to a couple goodies from Larkfest. I could psychologically justify the money spent because most of the vendors represented independently owned businesses. I picked up a pair of earrings in the shape of birdcages and I also purchased the necklace shown below. In the center of the pendent is cut-out text from Pride and Prejudice. In my particular necklace, you can see "Darcy."

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is making the most of our final warm weekends for the year. I'm tempted to have a picnic next weekend if the weather is nice. This may be part of why I love fall so much... I really appreciate and make the most of the dwindling summer weather. Oh, and I should mention, today I saw that the leaves have started to change.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

july mix-tape.

So it's been about two months since my last post and a recent note from a friend has given me the push I needed to start posting again. The past two months have brought so much new-ness. I'm living alone for the first time and in a new apartment (at least one post will be dedicated to this move, but probably several). While the initial few weeks after the move-in were anxiety-producing, I feel that I am slowly habituating to my new environment.

I figured I'd start off posting again with a mix-tape of music that I've been particularly loving this month.

angel in the snow - elliott smith
the fade - megafaun
the lucky one - au revoir simone
service bell - feist & grizzly bear
someone great - lcd soundsystem
srxt - bloc party
dance dance dance - lykke li
chariot - page france

I hope you enjoy. And here's to more frequent posts *raises imaginary glass of imaginary Dom Perignon*!


Monday, May 20, 2013

A sidewalk sale kind of day.

My friend Caitie and I recently went on a yard sale excursion. It was a beautiful day and it seemed everyone was out and about. There have been so many yard/sidewalk/garage sales all over the place! At my friend Jackie's sidewalk sale, I lucked out by getting a coffee table, french press, and wine rack all for $5!! She did cut me the "workin' gal's discount," for which I am so grateful.
Yard sales are such an interesting phenomenon. Someone's "trash" can really become someone else's treasure. I foresee myself venturing to many more sales this summer.
We ended the day visiting Luke so that he and Caitie could play some music together. It was the perfect conclusion to a lovely day.

Thanks so much for reading!

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