Monday, April 21, 2014

easter sunday bliss & a balcony.

So, I hosted my first family gathering in my apartment. I must admit, it was such a wonderful and rewarding process; I hope I have the opportunity to host more in the future! Easter was small this year. It was immediate family and my grandmother squeeze in my tiny living room, but the balcony doors were open and the fresh Spring air kept us feeling open.

My mother was kind enough to bring these delicious apples with granola crumble on top and some sort of cinnamon sauce inside. I made a spinach and mozzarella quiche, which was still in the oven when these photos were taken. I also grabbed some beautiful treats from Crisan Bakery, wrapped up for me by my beautiful friend Kater.

We rounded the afternoon off with a walk in the park. My grandmother loves reminiscing about the years of her youth spent living in the city.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Day (or their Passover or their Sunday)!


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