Sunday, October 21, 2012

my outfit today: october 21st, 2012.

Knowing I had paper-writing ahead of me, I decided to spring for geek chic this morning. I like to dress up for school and I also feel I get better work done when I'm more put together.
Plus, I needed an excuse to wear my new purple trousers!
ribbon: Glossy Box; lipstick: Glossy Box.
necklace, Housing Works; cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft; button-up shirt: American Apparel.
pants: Ann Taylor Loft; shoes: Ollio.

In other news, I tried to feng shui my room this morning. Photos to come, hopefully!


Monday, October 15, 2012

cider donuts and autumn leaves.

So, I promise I will chill out on the autumn posts soon. I mean the leaves can only cling onto the trees for so long this season, right?

Fall is my favorite. I love the smell of the air and the layering of clothes. I also love all the festivity that comes along with it. I've been trying to capture autumn's essence with my camera before it leaves so quickly as it always does.

What else does autumn mean? Why heading to the orchard to get some cider donuts, of course!

This pile of gourds provided endless amusement.

This one looks like a swan...!

 This one looks like... a carrot with a fungal infection!

And this one's just funny...

I can't believe that the trees will be bare so soon. And we'll be rushing from indoor space to indoor space, trudging through snow with our zippers zipped to the throat. I guess there is some excitement in that, too, though. Hot chocolate is always something to look forward to.

Thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a weekend in brooklyn.

Last weekend, two of my great girlfriends and I reunited in Brooklyn, New York. I hadn't seen Ashley in months and Danielle in over a year because she was away on a Fullbright in South Korea. These girls became like my soulmates while studying abroad in the Netherlands. The fact that we are still such great friends after all of this time and distance still astounds me and I am truly grateful for our friendship. 

To be honest, I was also very much looking forward to the prospect of driving three hours in my car with no one to talk to and with Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers playing on loop through the speakers.

After a few hours belting acoustic love songs and admiring the golden and auburn landscapes along I-87 South, I found myself parallel parking on a Park Slope street, just off Prospect Park. I found Ashley and her roommate Anna in their gorgeous basement apartment.

After some catching up and a short nap, it was time to meet Danielle in St. Mark's Place for dinner, so we put on our fancy clothes. Later we headed to Williamsburg to go to the Levee and the Woods. The Woods was especially wonderful with its strung lights, outside patio, and mix of music.

Danielle works for the Obama campaign in New Jersey, so she works crazy hours right now and had to leave early to head back. When Ashley and I finally rolled out of her apartment, we walked around Park Slope, stopped at the Community Bookstore (where I found out that Zadie Smith apparently has a new novel out!), and grabbed a bite at Café Dada.

Brooklyn was beautiful and I was so happy to be reunited with Ashley and Danielle after all this time. I hope there will be more visits in the near future!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Instagram Favorites - September.

Hello! This post is dedicated to some of my favorite Instagram photos from September. My Instagram name is amourbrillant, if we don't already follow each other! September has been a long, busy month filled with transitions, but alas I have survived!

I've been missing blogging so badly, but schoolwork has swept me up in its usual whirlwind. I am making a goal for myself to post once a week. Even though it takes a long time to upload and edit photos, I never, ever regret it.

I hope you enjoy! xoxo
a house in the trees // our front walkway 
bubble bath // a beautiful (and a tad decrepit) house
the twin bridges in clifton park // a bowling alley in troy.

a church in troy // my family's apple tree
I've been playing around a lot with the Image Blender app!
when the rain finally came // black oxfords
caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!! 
channeling my inner poindexter
fallen fall leaves
finding the beautiful nooks on campus 
lamp and chamomile tea at tierra coffee roasters // lamp at grandma's
thirsty thursday happy hour with social work friends // understanding how people get addicted to gambling
If you ever feel like you don't know where the time went, try rifling through your old Instagram photos! I'm realizing that regardless of my heightened stress levels, I have witnessed such an incredible amount of beauty this month.

I really need to get out with my camera before all the leaves fall off the trees. Maybe a daytrip to Vermont? :)

Have a great week!!

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