Monday, October 15, 2012

cider donuts and autumn leaves.

So, I promise I will chill out on the autumn posts soon. I mean the leaves can only cling onto the trees for so long this season, right?

Fall is my favorite. I love the smell of the air and the layering of clothes. I also love all the festivity that comes along with it. I've been trying to capture autumn's essence with my camera before it leaves so quickly as it always does.

What else does autumn mean? Why heading to the orchard to get some cider donuts, of course!

This pile of gourds provided endless amusement.

This one looks like a swan...!

 This one looks like... a carrot with a fungal infection!

And this one's just funny...

I can't believe that the trees will be bare so soon. And we'll be rushing from indoor space to indoor space, trudging through snow with our zippers zipped to the throat. I guess there is some excitement in that, too, though. Hot chocolate is always something to look forward to.

Thanks for reading!!



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