Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Instagram Favorites - September.

Hello! This post is dedicated to some of my favorite Instagram photos from September. My Instagram name is amourbrillant, if we don't already follow each other! September has been a long, busy month filled with transitions, but alas I have survived!

I've been missing blogging so badly, but schoolwork has swept me up in its usual whirlwind. I am making a goal for myself to post once a week. Even though it takes a long time to upload and edit photos, I never, ever regret it.

I hope you enjoy! xoxo
a house in the trees // our front walkway 
bubble bath // a beautiful (and a tad decrepit) house
the twin bridges in clifton park // a bowling alley in troy.

a church in troy // my family's apple tree
I've been playing around a lot with the Image Blender app!
when the rain finally came // black oxfords
caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!! 
channeling my inner poindexter
fallen fall leaves
finding the beautiful nooks on campus 
lamp and chamomile tea at tierra coffee roasters // lamp at grandma's
thirsty thursday happy hour with social work friends // understanding how people get addicted to gambling
If you ever feel like you don't know where the time went, try rifling through your old Instagram photos! I'm realizing that regardless of my heightened stress levels, I have witnessed such an incredible amount of beauty this month.

I really need to get out with my camera before all the leaves fall off the trees. Maybe a daytrip to Vermont? :)

Have a great week!!


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