Monday, November 4, 2013

à montreal.

the end of october found me bustling up I-87 towards montreal. i met up with one of my best friends, jill. she has recently moved to montreal, so i should have more excuses to head up north!

i decided it was about time i shot some film, so i grabbed my step-father's old manual camera from the '70s. i love the thought that goes into shooting a roll of film. you know you only have so many exposures, so you really think out each shot.
once i arrived, jill and i headed to santropol, one of my favorite casual restaurants when i lived up there.

afterwards, we went to café névé for some coffee and to split one their delicious chocolate chip cookies.

and admittedly, we went back to café névé the next morning... only this time, we shared a zucchini muffin.

fuchsia is a beautiful little store/cafe that i had heard about here and there during undergrad. they serve food, but only have enough seating for about 5-10 people. it is such a warm and beautiful little shop and they sell specialty items, like tea and infused sugars. they also serve espresso drinks. next time i go, i want to try their lavender (!) latte.
i ended up leaving with rose green tea and a rose oatmeal "biscuits en pot" (ingredients for cookies in a jar - you just add the butter and egg!).

thanks for reading!!

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