Friday, June 11, 2010

the oldest blog entry i could find in my blogging archives. some crappy site called blurty or something equally lame. i think it was from when i was about 14.

“Yes, I am a dork, so love me for it. I love school (I know it’s sad and awkward). I have a lot of homework to do for Tuesday. Vacation days rock my socks. Monday is Martin Luther King Day and I got a “snow day” on Friday, but it was really just so frickin’ cold that the school deemed it “dangerous”, which it was, I agree. Half of it was probably that the staff didn’t want to get off their lazy butts and teach the same lesson over and over again to unwilling teens. What a nightmare, haha. I was talking to my friend Judith about how substitute teaching must be the easiest job on Earth.

Things to do list for the average substitute teacher:

1.) Roll out of bed at 6 in the morning (by far the hardest part of the day).
2.) Throw on a nice outfit.
3.) Hop into the car and drive to the penitentiary.
4.) Go into the classroom with a book of passes, so you can send any misbehaving kids to the office.
5.) Tell them they have a study hall and work on whatever work you have or take a nap with your eyes open.
6.) Oh yeah, and look up every ten minutes to make sure nobody’s trying to hop out the window or making out.”

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