Thursday, November 25, 2010

1.) The key to all relationships is true, deep trust.
2.) Trust allows people to have no set expectations of each other. There is no role for someone you truly trust. They are not obligated to each other in any way, yet know that they will allways be there for each other. It is not choice to have such trust, it happens purely based upon personality reaction.
3.) You should always get to the end of the joint. You should not feel ashamed for this act, or feel like you look desperate, or feel like you have a weed addiciton. You are just being a resourceful person. Don't let that little bit of happiness go to waste.
4.) Of wait, maybe that was why people don't smoke to the very last bit.
5.) But nothing was wasted.
6.) This began as a list of key human truths, at which point we realized we had discovered something that would have been a best selling novel and unlocked th key to true human happiness.
7.) The reason why budding relations fail is that the people don't truly trust each other.

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