Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 things i like Tuesday.

So, I didn't have time to do this last week, but I am so ready for it this week!

My new sunglasses. I got these bad boys at this adorable little boutique in Troy's antique district. The place is called Some Girls and you can see their website here. It's hard to find unique or even urban à la mode articles of clothing around Albany and you'll pay a bit more than you may be used to at Some Girls, but it's still worth it. They also carry a pretty awesome supple of iPhone cases.These sunglasses had just enough flair without being too ostentatious.

Bows. This isn't anything new for me, but I've been working bows even more than usual this week. Both the ring and earrings in the above photo are from Forever 21. They sell sooo much cheap bow jewelry. #win

This is corny, but rainy days. It's been raining so much in Albany the past week or two, but I'm embracing it. We were at a serious shortage of rain this year, so I'm thankful that Mother Nature has watered the earth. And after rain comes... flowers! :)
I love driving in the rain. It's so relaxing, almost therapeutic. I also sleep incredibly soundly when it's raining (only partially because it drowns out the sirens and speeding cars which pass below my bedroom window).

Glossy Box. It's finally come to America! I received my Glossy Box last week and it was filled with amazing products such as a mini Burberry lipstick, an amazing smelling Korean moisturizer, a deep conditioning hair treatment, and more.

My Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. I purchased this tablet probably about a year ago. I used it a couple times and found it very difficult to use, so I forgot about it. I decided to put in the time and effort this week to get acclimated with it and it was time well spent! This tablet is so fun and really becomes quite natural to use in a few hours of playing around with it!

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  1. I have a Bamboo Fun too and felt the same way. I haven't dug the guy out in a while now though since the laptop I used it with broke. It was also great for taking class notes and doing HW outside of the whole making art and design incredibly easier.


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