Thursday, June 7, 2012

my favorite everyday MAC lipstick.

I thought I would share with you my favorite everyday lipstick, Patisserie by MAC. Not only is the color adorable, but so is the name! I would best describe this color as a dusty yet saturated rose with hints/flecks of gold.

I was first exposed to this color when I was shopping around Times Square (which we typically avoided) with my old roommate. One great thing about Times Square is that the MAC store is epic and the workers there are all so enthusiastic without seeming fake. There is an energy in that store I cannot describe. I told her I was looking for an everyday lipstick. She told me she knew just the color and whipped out Patisserie. She described it as "the perfect first date color." I tried it on and fell in love, but MAC lipsticks are so expensive and I guilt-tripped myself out of buying it at the time. I told myself that if I was still thinking about it in a few days, I would go to the MAC store in Albany and purchase it.

Lo and behold, I was still thinking about it several days later, but when I got to the store (a Macy's branch) they told me the color was a Pro color. So, I knew I had to go through the annoyance of ordering it online, but I did anyways because I loved the color so much!

I also thought it might be fun to show my three absolute essentials (shown below) when I go to work. I cannot leave the house with Patisserie, MAC Studio Finish concealer, and a Tide To Go pen (my savior).

Have a great day! (:


  1. Do you know about Mac's recycling program? Might help you get money off your next lipstick! Also, I need a new everyday color just for a change. You might have just convinced me to throw down some serious cash haha

    1. hahaha yeah!! I mean, ~$14.00 is pretty steep to pay for a lipstick, but drugstore make-up has gone up drastically in both price and quality. A lipstick by say Revlon is likely to be ~$8.00. The quality of MAC lipsticks is SO good, though. I want to help you find the perfect shade!! <3

  2. You make me want to buy Patisserie by MAC...


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