Monday, June 11, 2012

Outfit of the Day (OOTD). Workin' it in a cast.

Hello! I thought I would share with you my outfit today because I put in extra effort to make up for my ankle air cast (serious fashion faux pas). I hope you enjoy! (:

This past weekend was extremely interesting. I sprained my ankle on Thursday during a kickball game (made the out!) and was in loads of pain Thursday night and most of Friday. I started to get extremely stir-crazy, so I decided I was still going to do things on my bum ankle.

Saturday, we went to a kickball BBQ and played Hippie Horsehoes (a.k.a. Polish Horseshoes or Ukranian Horseshoes?). This is a game which consists of balancing an empty beer bottle on top of a wooden pull and trying to knock it down with a frisbee. If you catch the beer bottle and frisbee before either hit the ground, no points are scored against you. Okay, so maybe I'm not the best at describing this, but it was fun.

That night, a group of my friends and I met up at Mahar's, a local bar which has been open for decades. It offers the such a vast list of beers. My friend Nick who works for Nestle and is constantly traveling around the US and Canada for work was home for the weekend, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to catch up over scrumptious beers with him.

Sunday was Lark Street galavanting, Home Goods, brown rice sushi, and TCBY with Bear. Some serious bear-time was a necessity. I bought a sick apron that I will post about soon. How to work it in the kitchen!!

The rest of the weekend was filled with friends, tasty beverages, delicious food, great conversation, and ascending/descending stairs on my butt. Overall, A+! And the ankle is feeling so much better already.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, lady! Let's plan on Brooklyn gathering!

  2. This is so awesome! I love the way the you did the outfits and stuff in your own handwriting. It's so cute! And I'm so sorry about your ankle babe. Your writing style is great. Oh I miss you.

    I'm going to read the rest of your blog now... <3


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