Saturday, July 28, 2012

a package from korea.

I met Danielle while on exchange in the Netherlands. When thrown into a situation like being plopped down for six months in a country you've never been to, where another language is spoken, and where you know no one, some of your deepest, closest friendships can develop. Such was the case with my friends Ashley, Nora, Kayla, and Danielle. We were an inseparable group of girls making the most of our small town, on another continent. I still recall our time spent together as some of the happiest days of my life. I will never forget our experiences in Leiden.

Anywho, Danielle, being the amazing and incredibly intelligent woman she is, was awarded a Fulbright to study in Korea. Also being the kind and thoughtful person she is, she sent me a few makeup products to review on my blog!

I might like Korean stationery even better than Japanese stationery, although they're obviously both amazing.

Yummy. (:

Both makeup products Danielle sent me are from Nature Republic, a company which specializes in products that only contain natural ingredients. 

The blush is in the color 03 pink rose.

The little puffer pad the blush came with is sooo cute! I'm afraid to use it and make it dirty.

The color is a lovely coral hue, reminiscent of Coralista by Benefit, but with a matte finish.

The lipgloss she gave me is also a coral color, but brighter (practically a neon). However, it is not quite as reddish as it appears in the photo below. When you put on the gloss, it is a lot less saturated than you would think. I love that it gives you a healthy flush and sheen, but does not make too loud of a statement.

To be completely honest, I've been using these products on almost a daily basis. I wanted to use each of them several times before posting my opinions on them and now I feel I can say that if I ever find myself in South Korea (which I truly hope I will someday), I think I'll seek out this makeup brand.

Many thanks to my lovely Danielle for being the fabulous friend she is. xoxoxoxo

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