Monday, August 13, 2012

a daytrip to the Norman Rockwell Museum!

My friend Chris and I had been planning on visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum for weeks and when the day finally arrived, I was so excited. I didn't take many photos inside the museum itself because I wasn't sure of their rules on photography. In fact, I was even more stunned by the grounds and also by Rockwell's studio.

Inside Norman Rockwell's studio is an artist's dream. The place looked to have been mainly constructed by Rockwell himself. It was quaint and kitsch, yet simple. It was truly a tranquil space. What I would give to have my own little art get-away like that!

I've recently become more intrigued by men's clothing. Chris dresses impeccably, so I figured I'd share with you his outfit!

 Shirt: H&M. Shorts: Michael Kors. Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. Shoes; Sperry Topsiders.

Shirt: Forever 21. Black camisole: Forever 21. High-rise jeans: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: Forever 21. Belt: thrifted. Black oxfords: Aldo. Bag: Tim's grandmother.

After walking around the museum grounds, we were starved and decided to venture into the tiny town of Stockbridge to search for a bite to eat. We didn't end up going to the café shown below, but I couldn't help taking photo... I mean, is this place not the epitome of Americana?

We actually went to Theresa's Café. Tasty! We shared a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie and almost melted from the deliciousness.

I love it when people use found or recycled items in a new way. For instance, they used salt shakers for vases at Theresa's Café!

I definitely plan on returning to Stockbridge to visit Chesterwood, the famous American sculptor Daniel Chester French's country home and studio. Supposedly there are beautiful paths and gardens there! If anyone is interested in taking the journey with me, let me know!

I also received a call back from the camera-shop and my DSLR lens is broken. Apparently, Nikon doesn't sell their parts anymore, so I would have to send it in to get fixed. Arghhh this means at least another week (probably a couple weeks) before I can get back to taking higher quality photos. I'm hangin' in there, though!


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