Monday, August 27, 2012

un weekend en plein air + some thoughts.

 Fallen leaves covered my car's windshield wipers this morning, an indiscreet note left by Mother Nature to remind us to take these next few weeks and cherish them. This summer has been a season of discovery for me and for many of my friends.
I have had some of the most beautiful and most heart-breaking moments these past few months. I feel as though I am re-entering my skin again, becoming much more in touch with facets of myself I had neglected for too long.

My new camera lens finally arrived in the mail and it's almost as though I've regained the ability to express myself thoroughly again. The photographs I take may not speak much or at all to some people, but when I look at them I am immediately reminded of a feeling and the circumstance which created that feeling.
Yesterday, a good friend asked me why I take photos. A simple enough question, one would think, but I stumbled to find an answer. After thinking about it for a while, I still haven't come to a firm conclusion. I can say that photography is a vicious and wonderful circle for me. I take photographs because something is beautiful to me and I am made more aware of beautiful somethings around me because I take photographs.

Sandals from Aldo; Slitted, sheer maxi skirt from Forever 21.
Ring finger ring - Judith's (she forgot it at my place); Turquoise ring from Housing Works.
I cannot walk down a side street in this city and not be astounded by the beauty that surrounds me. I'm sure I sound beyond corny right now, but photography and art are truly what keep me in touch with all the beauty that life has granted us.
Going through a breakup recently, my emotions have been a roller coaster (and not just a rickety old wooden roller coaster, but one of those gut-churning ones with all their flips and twists). I've become much closer with some of my friends and I am extremely grateful for all of their support.

Tea-lights from a party at our house.

This Wednesday, I begin classes for my masters program. I'm excited to stick my nose in a book and feel like I'm doing something academically productive again. Yes, I am the nerd who spends way too much money on stationery and who will most likely be first in line for my class at the bookstore.

I wish everyone a lovely week and I hope that everyone makes the most of what is left from this summer.

Also, please give a listen to one of my old favorite songs by Beirut, "Elephant Gun."

Love! xoxoxo


  1. This is one of my favorite songs!

    1. i would LOVE to see them live. we should go together some time if they have a show somewhere in the northeast. i miss you so much, beeb!!!

  2. I miss this post!!! I want my ring back next time I see you girl. I love that one! I thought I'd lost ittttt. This is what happens when I on cruises and have to camp out in your house. <3 Ohhhh I miss you!! P.S. it looks really cute on you.


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