Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 things I love Wednesday.

1. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.
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I think I first started listening to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' album "Rabbit Fur Coat" in high school or early college. Relatively recently, one of the songs off the album came up on my iPod while it was on shuffle and I decided to listen to the whole album again. I find it just as amazing as I used to. Jenny Lewis's voice is so unique and so sincere. If you're into singer-songwriter, folksy kind of stuff, you should definitely check this album out! Some of my favorite tracks are "Rise Up With Fists!," "You Are What You Love," and "The Big Guns."

2. leopard flats from Target!

I actually bought two pairs of these shoes, the leopard pair and also a black pair. It was love at first sight when I saw the studs on the back. When looking for shoes that I can wear casually as well as to work, I like comfortable flats with a little classiness to them. While I definitely would not wear the leopard pair of shoes to work, I would and have worn the black pair. Also, because there is black and brown in the leopard pattern, they go with almost anything!

3. Status Updates on Hulu
screenshot of Status Updates on Hulu.
Brigitte Dale, the creator of Status Updates is one of my favorite Youtubers. She is hilarious and adorable and quirky. She was MIA for a while and then turned back up on Youtube with a video explaining that she collaborated with MTV to create Status Updates, a web series on Hulu. The show is so light-hearted and very funny. I don't usually laugh out loud at TV shows or movies, but I found myself giggling a lot while marathoning through the first season of this show. The thing is, the episodes are only about seven minutes long, so you can really go through a season quite quickly. I am really hoping they'll come out with a second season!

4. Root: 1 red wine!

Okay, so maybe this should be more like a favorite for 2012! Root: 1 is probably my favorite red wine at the moment, although I recently tasted Sharecropper's red wine from Oregon at the Charles Lucas Confectionery and it may become a new favorite. One of the greatest aspects about Root: 1 is that we can find it around here at wine shops for about 8 bucks! I also love the graphic design on the bottle.

5. the VSCO CAM iPhone app.

Okay, so I have a new favorite photography iPhone app! VSCO CAM blows just about every other photography app I've used out of the water, other than Snapseed. Somehow, VSCO CAM makes your iPhone photos look like they are better quality than they really are. I also love the fact that they give your photos the look of film. The graininess adjustment really lends to this.

I hope you enjoyed this week's rendition of 5 Thing I Love!


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