Wednesday, February 6, 2013

unseasonal weather.

I might try to do more fashion-related posts now. These are some of my favorite posts on fellow bloggers' sites, so I figured why not give it a shot myself? The weather here has been rather erratic, but mainly warm for this time of year. This allows for more tights and dresses and less form-swallowing eskimo coats.

coat - Forever 21 ($12!); dress - Old Navy; button-up shirt - Salvation Army; shoes - J. C. Penney.
It's always quite awkward for me to take photos of myself, but if it's for the sake of fashion, who am I to let my discomfort get in the way? From what I've heard from other bloggers, the process gets less awkward in time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you feel about outfit/fashion posts, please.



  1. Do more! I'm always wondering what you're wearing anyways! Very cute shoes.

    1. Thanks, Ash! You know I love your fashion sense so much. I wish you were closer by so that I could document your ensembles! xo

  2. it gets easier. but it is still awkward. you look adorable. and you have good taste. so yes.

    1. Bethany, such precious compliments coming from a sytlista like yourself! Thanks for the reassurance. I am a generally somewhat awkward person, so it may take a while. lol Also, I find it can be really difficult/time consuming to work with the self timer, but that also probably gets easier with time!


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