Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Things I love Wednesday.

1. A Bird Ballet.

2. 8tracks app for iPhone.
I love this app. I don't know why it hasn't really caught on as much as something like Pandora. You can either listen to your or your friends' mixes or search for mixes based on what kind of music you're into at the moment!

3. the cherry blossom girl's blog.
This lady is beautiful and has such amazing fashion sense! Plus, she really takes beautiful photographs. I love seeing all the Parisian scenes. :) All of her blog posts are written in French and English, so it also gives me an opportunity to brush up on my French!
image from the cherry blossom girl's blog.
image from the cherry blossom girl's blog.
image from the cherry blossom girl's blog.

4. Finger paintings by Judith Braun.
images from 9GAG.

5. sock buns!
If you don't know, a "sock bun" is basically like a foam donut hair device that you put around your pony-tail. You then take you hair and pin it around the sock bun to make a very full and tidy bun. I'm pretty sure the name sock bun came from the fact that you can cut the end off of a sock (thus making it like a cloth tube) and the roll it onto itself to make it like a donut which you would use in the same fashion as described above. You can purchase one at many places for $5 or less! I got mine at H&M, but I've heard of someone buying one at Claire's and I'm sure places like Sally's probably have them, as well.

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