Saturday, April 27, 2013

cafe névé.

 montreal was the time and place when and where i became solidified in the person i am today (definitely not even close to perfect and not entirely self-assured, but more solidified, sure...). there are things i remember more clearly than others. living with women who became inspirations to me. drinks and dancing in bars with friends. bike riding everywhere, absolutely everywhere. catching the 144 on snowy, messy days to arabic class every morning. my bed arranged so i'd wake up with the morning light on my face.

one of my most prominent memories exists in cafe neve, the little cafe just around the corner from our apartment, on Rachel. i went to Café Névé almost every day during my last year at McGill, when we were living up in the plateau on hôtel de ville.

i was worried that a return to Café Névé would burn me like so many other good memories that reach an unattainable level of perfection as they grow more and more distance in the past. however, once i was back in Café Névé, i felt incredibly filled with joy. i didn't want to leave.

i'm so happy i am able to share this beautiful café, memory, and stage of my life with you.
thank you for reading.

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