Sunday, May 10, 2009

clack clack boom.

today, i say goodbye to a relationship which brought me much frustration, but also much happiness, joy, and love. this is the point in the cycle where i ask myself why anyone bothers falling in the first place. and then i philosophize over masochism and the human race. and then i come to the conclusion that we're all junkies for love, paying any amount of our time and souls for another high. because even though it hurts so bad when it's down, it lights up the world when it's up.
i hate being alone, without a man in my life. i know it sounds so sad, but it's been so long since i've had to stand on my own two feet that i'm afraid i've lost the ability. i'm willing to take the fall if it means i can possibly raise up stronger than before.

in brighter news, i recently received an agfa clack from my mom and max for my birthday. it smells like a thrift store/old people and i love it. i ruined an entire roll of film because i couldn't figure out to rewind the film once i was done shooting it.. still haven't figured that out yet.

life has been relatively relaxing lately. i'm truly enjoying my art history class and that's great because it's making me feel like i made the right decision to switch into the arts faculty. in other news, i miss my mommy and it's mother's day and i'm not with her. she seemed a bit sad when i spoke with her on the phone earlier. at least my brother is in town to go to dinner with her. i'm beginning to miss albany.

Moonlight in the Adirondacks
Rockwell Kent

i like this painting. apparently, the artist's works are being shown in albany right now and will be taken down by the time i get back into town. boo. hiss.
i did some art tonight for the first time in a while. i started a new piece. i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do with the negative space yet. it was my first time using oil paint, rather than acrylic. i like it A LOT better.

i will post more pictures as i move on with it! :)

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