Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i want this book. i want art. i want an explanation. i want a career! ah-ha! i want up and out. not so much specifically out of albany, but up and out of the familiar. it's been so long since i've felt like i was pushing my comfort zone. over the past couple of months, i've been trying so hard to feel comfortable merely existing, that i'd kind of let go of my adventurous side, so as to avoid flipping a switch.
i feel strong now. i feel like i can breathe again. my friends are amazing. my starbucks crew is amazing. people must think i'm lame since i speak all the time of my friends at work, but what can i say? they're so fun and a few of them have become such good people on whom i can rely...
i have so many plans for the summer. soon i will post a list, but for now i will fantasize about the trips i've planned

at least two trips to dc:

two trips to nyc:

montreal for the osheaga music festival:

boston with bear:

and cape may with the fam!:
:) :)

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