Friday, June 29, 2012

The Merry Monk in Albany, NY.

On Saturday, Tim and I went on a date to the Merry Monk, located on Pearl Street in downtown Albany. Belgium experienced several plagues in its history, rendering the drinking water unsafe. During the brewing process, the water used in beer is sterilized, so everyone was wasted basically.
But no, seriously, people just started drinking a lot of beer and getting really into it. Monks became experts in the brewing process.

The Merry Monk is known for its Trappist beers, a fancy term for beers brewed by monks. The term "Trappist" originated from the La Trappe monastery in Soligny, France. This is where one of the earliest monastery brewhouses existed. Now, only 8 official Trappist breweries exist and the Merry Monk imports its beers from these rare locations!

We were particularly craving their burgers. They make a mouth-watering bacon, cheddar, and ale burger that is nothing less than orgasmic. I was even able to swap out my burger's side of fries with a delicious serving of spinach and bell pepper. 

I love the decor of the Merry Monk. It's eclectic without being sloppy. The red stained wood decor and exposed brick wall bring so much warmth to the bar/restaurant.


Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

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