Thursday, July 5, 2012

this month's glossy box.

Since GlossyBox's American debut, I've been thoroughly enjoying my subscription. GlossyBox boasts "5 exciting travel-sized beauty products delivered each month, the crème de la crème of inter nation brands, and exclusive access to global beauty trends." It's so exciting to be able to try out new brands: brands which I would not be able to find in a pharmacy or department store here in the US and thus would probably never be exposed to.

This month's box was a bit different because it came with a little magazine, appropriately titled "GlossyMag." I thought this was a cute idea, but not thoroughly executed. GlossyMag is in fact more like a pamphlet than a magazine. However, I appreciate the effort and I think this could develop into something really appealing.

One thing with which I am never disappointed is GlossyBox's packaging. It's absolutely gorgeous and I also love the fact that it is consistent. One complaint I had with Glam Bag is that it got kind of tacky. Each month, there would be another cheap make-up bag in which your samples would arrive. GlossyBox keeps it classy with super chic and streamlined, Parisian packaging. I always feel like I'm treating myself like a princess when I open one of their boxes.

This AHAVA cream wash smells great, but I must complain that it opened up somehow in its travels and got moisturizer consistency cream all over the products in my box.

I'm super excited to use this shave cream by First Aid Beauty because I've been simply using a bar of soap for many months, maybe even a year. Eventually, my skin became drier than usual, so I've been in the market for a new shave gel or cream.

Then, they threw in this super tiny vial of perfume, but the packaging was adorbs!

I'll definitely be getting next month's box and I'll let you all know if I find any of these products super dooper exceptional.

Also, update: I'm blonde! I like it!

I hope you enjoyed your fourth of July!



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