Sunday, July 8, 2012

a musician's space.

This fourth of July was different than those previous. It was absolutely jam-packed with family and friends. What better way to spend a holiday? Although, I was left with the lingering feeling of being disoriented. Having a full-fledged (read: drinking) holiday on a Wednesday in the middle of the work week landed me confused, mistaking Thursday for Monday. Alas, I wouldn't have been so lost unless I had an incredible amount of fun, right?

First, I visited my grandma and family. I have a very enjoyable photograph of her with a Coors Light which I refuse to put on the interwebs. It is just as you imagine... probably.

Anyways, I should probably cut to the purpose of this entry. Later on in the evening, Tim and I ended up joining our friend Luke to his friend Brian's parents' house. Above the garage was such an amazing music room with a bar. It was the type of space you felt comforted and contained by, without feeling claustrophobic.

I didn't have my nice camera, so I took a few photos with my iPhone using Hipstamatic with an appropriate '70s-esque effect.

We all played some songs together. I played the conga.

Here are some pretty photos and gifs of our fireworks!

I hope you all enjoyed your fourth!

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