Thursday, June 14, 2012

fieldtrip to salvation army.

Yesterday was Family Day at the Salvation Army near my work. These glorious Wednesdays mean 50% off all items (except the new stock which is designated by a specific color price tag). Here are some pictures of things I found particularly interesting. I ended up buying a pair of high-waisted green shorts and a really cool illustration of Albany circa 1986. Those photos are at the bottom of the post.

I hope you enjoy!

Below is the 1986 print of Albany. I thought this was sooo cool. And it's kind of on poster material, but it's still in the plastic wrapping, so when I take it out it should look brand-spankin' new!

These are the shorts I found. They're very "mom" style, but I'm into that. I also looked for high waisted stone-washed grey or black pants I could chop into shorts, but to no avail. Maybe next time! I also plan on making a bedside table our of suitcases for my room in the new apartment I'm moving into in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, this Salvation Army didn't have any regular suitcases, even though there were a bunch outside when I donated a bunch of clothing a couple weeks ago! Oh well, the hunt continues. I may do a DIY on how I make the nightstand/bedside table.

Have a great day, my peeps! xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo

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